QL for 3ap

After their successful eTwinning project carried out with Greek and German schools 12 students from class 3ap were awarded a second prestigious prize: national Quality Label

Those ccertificates were handed in together with the diplomas from Germany – for winning in the 68. European Contest to everybody

and for the outstanding participation in Bad Marienberg Winners Prizegathering to Weronika, Zuzanna, Mateusz N. and Aleksander.

The latter presented their work during holidays to all the students at school.

Here are the words that were directed to the students – participants of European Academy in Marienberg, Germany:

In the course of the gathering basic European knowledge, European Citizenship and central
issues of democratic civil society (e.g. solidarity, tolerance and cultural diversity) did not remain
abstract concepts but were experienced as immediate reality by the participants. Specific
European policy areas and a broad range of political, social and cultural topics were discussed,
analysed and critically (re-) considered.
Non-formal and intercukural activities guaranteed an engaging, thought-provoking and
inspiring learning environment. Social cohesion and communication skills were acquired and
enhanced. The extensive use of digital and social media gave participants great opportunities
to actively participate in European discourses and raise awareness for their needs and ideas.
Participants delved into complex European issues and were conscientized for the European
dimension. Active and substantial participation in the European discourse is now possible.
We wish you further success in your future endeavours and trust
that you will keep up your European commitment.

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