10 winners in DiscoverEU!

Pupils of class 4AP, including those who had previously participated in eTwinning projects, became winners in the EU DiscoverEU initiative.

To enter the competition the students had to be of an appropriate age, citizens of a European Union member state and answer questions about the future of the community. „DiscoverEU is an activity within the Erasmus+ programme. It offers young people aged 18 the opportunity to travel and is designed to strengthen their sense of belonging to the European Union, enable them to discover Europe’s diversity, cultural heritage and history, and help them connect with people from across the continent and discover themselves.

The European Commission awarded the winners with tickets to travel by rail in Europe. The Interrail ticket allows an unlimited number of journeys to be made on a selection of seven days over a period of one month. This allows you to experience the culture of many European societies and get out of your comfort zone. In addition, the candidates also received the DiscoverEU discount card and the European Youth Card, which allows them to receive discounts on tickets and services related to culture, science and accommodation, among other things. Before they set off, however, they have to carefully plan the entire trip, including logistics, accommodation and sightseeing plans.

The winners were as many as 10 students from class 4ap. Congratulations!

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