The long-standing cooperation between II LO and secondary schools in Germany has been sealed thanks to the visit of teachers and a representative of the educational authorities of the North Rhine-Westphalia region. As the guests were interested in vocational education, it was possible to strengthen relations between II LO and ZSP 4, which are neighbours.

Warmly welcomed by the Students Council, the guests first met with eTwinning award-winning students from classes 4AP, 4BP and 3A, who presented their work and its results, enchanting the German teachers with their fluent English, as this was the language of the whole visit. They showed off their impressive achievements. The projects conducted with students by Anna Pławecka in cooperation with the initiator of the meeting – Sandra Hansen, a teacher at Kaufmanschule II in Hagen, Germany, and EU advisor for economics and vocational education – have won several awards:
– 8 eTwinning National Quality Labels
– 7 European eTwinning Quality Labels
– winning 3 European competitions in Germany
– winning 2 national eTwinning competitions in Poland
– winning the European Commission’s Learn2Move, Move2Learn competition.
Senior inspector of education Ludger Dieckmann from Germany greatly appreciated the work of the teachers and young people, stressing its importance for the future of Europe.

The key point of the visit was a debate on teaching about the Second World War, the Holocaust and places of national remembrance in Polish and German schools. The meeting was honoured by the presence of distinguished guests: the Head of the Education Department in Jaworzno presented education in Poland on the example of the city of Jaworzno. The principal of ZSP 4 together with her teachers showed the work of a vocational school in Poland on the example of ZSP 4.

History teachers made a presentation showing how the Holocaust, the Second World War and places of national remembrance are taught to young people in Polish schools. The director of the Jaworzno City Museum, together with his staff prepared a film about the camp of the two totalitarianisms in Jaworzno in English and led a tour of the camp grounds at the end of the German guests’ visit to Jaworzno. II LO Principal and Senior Inspector of Education from Germany emphasised the importance of the meeting and the role of international cooperation in modern education for the young generation.