Time for English – 8th Graders

Angielski z Czesławem – Time for English, is an English language competition for eighth-graders. This year there took place the second edition of the competition in a new, changed version, which aimed to test the participants’ readiness for the exam. The event was held under the honorary patronage of Jaworzno’s Mayor, Mr Paweł Silbert.

This year’s edition of the competition attracted an exceptionally large number of participants. As many as 124 eighth-graders from 14 primary schools in Jaworzno came. The contestants faced quite a challenge, because in a short time they had to solve many tasks and meet the requirements of the competition. The students had to solve an exam-type test for 45 minutes, during which they had to demonstrate their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, solve listening and reading comprehension exercises and write a short text on the meaning of university studies.

In addition to the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Jaworzno, the competition was co-organised by the Department of Education in Jaworzno, which funded the prizes in the form of electronic equipment, and RODN „WOM” in Katowice. The Pearson Publishing House was also a sponsor of the competition and prepared the book prizes. The event was held under the media patronage of Dziennik Zachodni. In the course of the event, thanks to the Regional Centre for Teacher Training, English teachers from primary schools attended a methodology training led by the head of the competition jury.

The jury, which consisted of all four teachers of English at Secondary School No. 2 and teachers from primary schools – supervisors of individual school teams, chaired by Dr Barbara Czwartos from Regional Teacher Training Centre „WOM” in Katowice, selected the winners of the competition. They are:

I place – Zofia Nowak – Primary School No. 14

II place – Szymon Kubica – Primary School no. 7

3rd place – Kalina Sawiak – Primary School 3

1st distinction – Oskar Krzysztofek – Primary School No. 8

2nd distinction – Aleksandra Gancarczyk – Primary School 2

3rd distinction – Lena Woźniak – Primary School No. 10


As it is still necessary to remember about social distance and to maintain proper sanitary conditions due to the ongoing pandemic situation – during the jury’s deliberations, the eighth-graders took part in workshops conducted by students and teachers of II LO, who came to them every 15 minutes in rotation with their proposals. There were language games using the latest technology, presentations and time for active relaxation.

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